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The PS Files - January

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Safety in Technology Based Sales

Girl Scouts use the Internet for a variety of reasons including the online marketing and sale of approved Girl Scout related products. Below are some key points to keep in mind for all online sales and marketing:

  • Girls must read, understand and accept the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge, prior to conducting any online sales or marketing activities. Learn more on page 40 of Safety Activity Checkpoints.
  • Girls may send e-mail messages to alert friends and relatives about product sales and accept customer commitments via email
  • Social media sites may be used to market product, however, all applicable GSUSA and council guidelines must be followed
  • Girls writing product emails or announcements online should sign with their first names only, their troop/group number or name and their council name.
  • Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be used. Instead, use one of the following: 
    • A blind return address account where the girls’ name or personal email is not revealed to the customer and is instead hosted on a secure site
    • A group account, monitored by a volunteer
    • A volunteer’s email account, which is supervised by that volunteer

Be sure to share with your troop’s families the information found on page 6 in the pink Troop Answer Book:

Smart Cookies and Girl Online selling opportunity

  • Tell families that online sites, other than Smart Cookie emails and personal Facebook pages, are not allowed as a girl cookie activity (not garage sale or business pages)
  • Any posts suggesting that people may indicate what they would like to purchase is considered “selling.” Please do not put posts up prior to January 29.


Girl Scout Families

Please watch your email on January 29 for an email from ‘’ to create your Girl Scout’s account for goal setting, and prepare to send emails to family and friends near and far. We are aware that the following email providers are not consistently delivering Smart Cookies email;; Adding " to your approved contact list is the first step. Check out our hints for Trouble Shooting Smart Cookies

Girls who opt to send emails to customers should know the following:

  • All customers will receive a link to place an order for Direct Ship 
  • Girls will choose customers to receive a Girl Delivery option
    • Girls will need to check her Smart Cookies account for any Girl Delivery orders
    • For Girl Delivery orders confirm you have enough product to complete the customer order – let your troop cookie manager know if you need more
  • No Minimum Order! Customers are now able to purchase any quantity of cookies.
  • New Shipping rates listed below: 
Pack Size
(Per Group of 12 packs)
Standard Shipping
5-6 days
Additional Charges Expedited Shipping
2-3 days
10+ Days
2 Days
1-12 Packs $9.50   $13.00 $14.50 $63.00
13-24 Packs $19.00   $26.00 $29.00 $126.00
25-36 Packs $28.50   $39.00 $43.50 $189.00

Cookie Booths

Please see pages 18-20 in the Troop Answer Book for more information.

Cookie booths begin on February 3 and continue through March 11. 

Cookie booths may be set up at local businesses with the store manager’s approval. *Make sure you check with your Community Product Sales Manager about booth practices in your area before scheduling your own booth. 

Login to Smart Cookies and enter your booth sale information. 

  • Highlight Booth, select Troop Secured Booth. 
  • Enter Booth Information (store, physical address, your contact information)
  • Click Save 
  • THEN you will need to enter your Appointment Times (select the date(s) for this booth and the times your troop will be present)
  • Click Save again to save this information

Booth requests will then be approved by the council and uploaded to 

Note: some booths might not be approved for various reasons including location, time of the booth, and when the booth was entered. 


Cookie Booth Etiquette

Refer to and utilize the Troop Cookie Booth Sale Etiquette Contract. Additional pointers:

  • Registered Girl Scout Girl’s MUST be present at all cookie booths.
  • Two non-related adults must be present, at least one must be a registered Girl Scout and have a current background check.
  • Let girls run the show. Remember, this a girl-led business, an opportunity for girls to learn, and grow in these five skills: business ethics, goal setting, people skills, money management, and decision making. 
  • Girls and adults should wear Girl Scout uniforms or apparel and should be dressed for the weather. 
  • Decorate your booth! Adding a little flair to your booth is a great way to attract customers. 
  • Ensure your Cookie Booth DOES NOT interfere with the store’s business activity. We want to be present, yet out of the way. 
  • Use an order card as a guest register and keep track of your booth sales. 
  • Provide adequate supervision at all times and never leave the booth unattended. 
  • Leave the area cleaner than you found it. 
  • And don’t forget to thank the store manager! It’s because of them that you are allowed to be there selling all those cookies.