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4-4 Fall Product Sales

First Time Cookie Volunteers

People are surprised to learn that GSMWLP sells nearly a MILLION packages of Girl Scout cookies each year!  How do we do it?

Our mighty team of girls, troops, staff and volunteers work hard during cookie season.  It starts with skills training and confidence building at every level.

Between December and January, troop cookie volunteers help girls gain skills to run their own business using activities from The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, ABC Bakers website and the Girl Scout Cookie website.With your guidance, girls set goals and learn with fun, engaging activities.

After the training, volunteers host a family meeting to talk about the details of getting, selling, and paying for cookies. This is the start of getting the girls excited about running a cookie business!

Don’t know where to start? A sample meeting layout is provided in the Cookie Program Answer Book. Get your answer book at Cookie Training or download a copy at ABC Smart Cookie U. (Register as a Volunteer in COCO the day before you want to access Smart Cookie U.)

Troop cookie volunteers use a software program called Snap. In January, volunteers place an Initial Order in Snap, this is the amount of cookies your troop agrees to sell.

While waiting for the cookies to arrive, help girls learn about the products, set up booth locations, and make a sales plan. This is a good time for girls to set up a Cookie Command Center (COCO) of their own. START HERE

Our Answer Book is where you’ll find information about cookie delivery, and the Go Date – when the girls can take their order cards or sell directly to hungry people looking for Girl Scout Cookies. Please emphasize with girls and families that they are “on their honor” to abide by the order taking and “Go” dates.

Convenient drop sites allow volunteers to collect their troop’s order for fast delivery of cookies. Make sure you count twice and sign the receipt for every package of cookies you receive.

Girls sell cookies to friends, family, at booth sales, and door to door. Every week during the sale, troops make deposits into their checking account. Three (3) times during the sale money will be taken from the troop account to pay for the cookies.

Replenish your stock with a Planned Order in Snap. Your cookies will be available within the week. Cookie cupboards are available in roughly 50 communities throughout our council to supplement planned orders.

We have your back with training, the Answer Book and dedicated staff support. A million cookies doesn’t seem so surprising when you have a team this good!